Estate Planning

Estate planning is a process where you can create a plan to help loved ones and family know what to do in the event you pass away or become incapacitated.

Creating a plan can remove any worries you or your loved ones may have about what to do with your assets or your personal care. An estate plan also helps your estate avoid probate, a costly and time-consuming procedure.

How do I plan for my family?

An estate planning attorney can help you answer questions like:

  1. What will happen if I get too sick to take care of myself?
  2. How can I ensure I am not a burden on my loved ones if I can no longer take care of myself?
  3. How can make sure my loved ones are taken care of after I die?
  4. Who will make important legal decisions for me if I no longer can?
  5. How can I ensure that I leave a legacy?

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